3 Reasons Why SoccerTech Loves Parent-Coaches

Every soccer season, parents across the country step up and volunteer to coach their child’s youth soccer team. Without them, recreation youth soccer wouldn’t exist. We love parent-coaches. Here’s why.

Nurturing Passion

Most parents are very passionate when their children are playing soccer. Sometimes a little too passionate, but we’ll leave that for another day. Parents want their children to have a positive experience, learn life lessons, and also learn to work as a team. Parents who coach youth soccer use that passion on the field every week during the season.

But parents also play a central role in nurturing a passion for soccer for their child. Here’s a quote from Mia Hamm about what advice she has for parents of aspiring players (article link):

“My parents really allowed soccer — and whatever I chose — to be my passion and not theirs… I look at that as the important role I can play in their lives. It doesn’t mean I won’t share my knowledge of soccer with them or occasionally go out and coach their teams, but I want to make sure they know I’m their parent first and they can come to me, and I hope they come to me for anything.”

Parent-coaches are responsible for finding that balance. Walking that line can be difficult but also very rewarding and we commend them for nurturing the passion of young players.

For the Love of the game

Parents want their children to enjoy their soccer experience and they want them to create a love for the sport.  Parent-coaches get to nurture that experience and show their child the importance of team sports.  By cultivating a love for the game of soccer, parents are improving the lives of players and the essence of the game.

Improving Soccer Skills

Parents who coach want to help their child and others become better players. That’s why we created our Coaches Portal to help. By taking the guesswork out of what to do during practice, parent-coaches can focus on team unity, communication, and giving their all to their players. They are the driving force behind the next great generation of soccer players and the future of the sport in the U.S.


Thank you to all of the parent-coaches out there. We’ll be here to support you along the way.

Rob Karas
USSF A | NSCAA International Premier | US Goalkeeping License

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