Utah Youth Soccer Partners with SoccerTech!

JUNE 19, 2017 – SANDY, Utah – Utah Youth Soccer (UYSA) has announced SoccerTech as their new coaching and player development resource partner.

In a joint statement, UYSA Director of Coaching Eric Landon said, “I think SoccerTech is a great opportunity for both players and coaches.  It allows an avenue for players to receive training on their own and continue to improve. The coaching side of the program is tremendous as well, SoccerTech provides the opportunity for our coaches to add to their own training sessions. The two sides working hand in hand are going to be fantastic for the players, coaches, and soccer in the state of Utah.”

“We are excited to partner with UYSA to continue our mission of providing the best resources to youth soccer coaches and players.” said SoccerTech President Rob Karas.

For Coaches

Coaches, how do you plan practice sessions for your team? Do you find yourself searching the internet and trying to piece together practice plans? Are you sure you are using age-appropriate and effective drills? It’s time to take the guess-work out of planning your practices. SoccerTech’s Coaches Portal features professionally developed, age-appropriate practice sessions that are easy to use. All you have to do is log in, select your age group, and follow along with a unique practice session for each week of the soccer season. Pull up this week’s session on your phone at practice and watch video examples of each drill. Learn More About Our Coaches Portal

For Players

If the soccer player in your family is ready to dedicate themselves to reaching their soccer dreams, SoccerTech’s Players Portal is the resource that will get them there. We’ve helped hundreds of players achieve their goals from getting a college scholarship to becoming a pro player. Start getting the attention of coaches and scouts now. Train with SoccerTech. Learn More About Our Players Portal

Contact info@soccertech.com to learn more about group options for teams, clubs, and leagues.

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A Soccer Ball for Social Change

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Kizazi: The Next Brand of Soccer

Checkout the brand that is changing the future of soccer, both on and off the field.  Kizazi brings soccer a unique, top-of-the-line soccer ball that is manufactured to meet FIFA competition standards and created to end world poverty. That’s right, Kizazi is a brand that is turning the international game we all know and love into a force for positive social change.

“There’s a reason soccer is played in every country on earth.” – Kizazi CEO and Founder Franco Silva

SoccerTech is happy to see companies like Kizazi uniting the 3.5 billion soccer fans of the world for the greater good. For every Kizazi soccer ball you purchase, 30% of the profits go towards a microloan that will empower communities in need across the world to create long term solutions to fight poverty. Kizazi also manufactures soccer balls in an environmentally responsible and ethical way, which means no child labor and fair working conditions. Kizazi’s product a welcome reminder to SoccerTech and all fans of the game that the power to make a difference is in our hands. And, we think their product is pretty cool.

So, next time you play soccer, what will you play for?



Wonder Goal for the Ages: Spain vs England

The Goal That Changed The Game

Prepare to be amazed. Watch as Spain’s Mario Gaspar steals the show with his stunning, show-stopping wonder goal. Gaspar’s acrobatic, flying volley was just the breakthrough Spain needed to end England’s 15-match unbeaten streak. The Villarreal defender managed to snap the 0-0 deadlock in the 72nd minute of the game — just eighteen minutes from time. Santi Cazorla sealed the deal with a second goal, securing the 2-0 win. The magical moment was a game changer for La Furia Roja, and the timing couldn’t have been more spectacular.

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