Salute to Youth Soccer Coaches!

I want to send out a big thanks to all of the volunteer youth soccer coaches out there. Volunteering as a recreation soccer coach can be tough. Trying to maintain scheduling, locations, transportation, and organization of the team is hard enough. Then there are the (sometimes overenthusiastic) parents who can make games and practices even tougher. Not to mention some of those questionable calls from the refs that can leave coaches and players feeling deflated and frustrated.

Once they get passed that, coaches are responsible for figuring out what activities are appropriate for their team while managing risks, having a plan for medical emergencies, and making sure to have all the proper equipment. After all of that, coaches have to find a way to keep the game fun and engaging for their team.

Coaches have a real impact on players, parents, and communities. They are mentors, friends, tacticians, and leaders. Most of all, youth soccer wouldn’t exist without them. So thank you for everything you do and keep up the good work! SoccerTech will be here to help.

Rob Karas
USSF A | NSCAA International Premier | US Goalkeeping License

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Making a “Special” soccer player. What does it take?

Hi again everyone. Coach Rob here with SoccerTech!

This past weekend started another MLS Season. It was so cool to see Atlanta United with over 50 thousand fans at its home opener and seeing Orlando with its new soccer stadium and having over 30 thousand fans supporting the team. It was also great seeing some of my pro players that I train during the offseason.

As I was watching some of the games and also switching back and forth with the English Premier League and the Bundesliga, it reminded me what the MLS game is missing. It’s not the fans, the stadiums, or league structure, it’s missing “special” players.
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What Makes a Good Youth Soccer Coach?

What Makes a Good Youth Soccer Coach? Thoughts From Coach Rob, Creator of SoccerTech.

Hey everyone, Coach Rob here. I have been fortunate enough to coach soccer for over 30 years at all levels. During that time, I’ve been a club director, state technical director, college coach, and professional coach. I have also traveled over to Europe to work with and observe several professional clubs to see how they organize their youth soccer training programs. Here are some important core concepts that I think help define what makes a good youth soccer coach.
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A Message from Coach Rob, Creator of SoccerTech


I’m Coach Rob, the creator of SoccerTech. I created this youth soccer training program for all the players, coaches, and parents who are looking for ways to take their game and their players’ game to the next level.

If you were to ask any high-level player what was the one thing they do to improve their game, it would be that they spend time on their own perfecting the skills that it takes to take them to the next level.
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Have you seen this? Messi the King Dribbling Skills and Goals

We love Lionel Messi. His speed and skill are absolutely entertaining to watch. Messi has developed a very good touch on the ball that allows him to speedily get around defending players as if they were standing still. He is able to get a lot of touches on the ball in a short distance.

To develop this type of touch, it requires daily practice doing different drills using all areas of the foot. This is what the Soccer Tech player development platform help players achieve.

The following video uploaded to YouTube by YouTube user “Feel My Style“, demonstrates Messi’s skill as he seems to effortlessly humiliate world class players.

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Abby Wambach retires. What’s her next move?

Abby Wambach played her final game as a professional soccer player this last Sunday. In doing so, she closed a chapter in U.S. Women’s soccer that has spanned 21 years. We at Soccer Tech have admired what Abby has accomplished in her career and what she has done for the U.S. Women’s National Team.

Her final game was her 255th for the national team. She was one of the best strikers the team has ever had scoring 184 goals during her career. Abby played in four World Cups (winning one) and captured two Olympic gold medals. She was also named Fifa world player of the year in 2012.

We are excited to see what Abby’s next move will be and how she will continue to impact U.S. Women’s Soccer.

Check out the tribute to Abby Wambach video below to see some of the highlights of her accomplished career. `

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Have you seen this? Neymar’s amazing footwork with F2 Freestylers.

The F2Freestylers – Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel YouTube channel is amazing. These guys have very high-level skills and technique. If you haven’t seen their videos, you need to.

In this video, F2Freestylers had a chance to workout with Neymar from FC Barcelona. He is arguably one of the best players in the world right now and only continues to get better. Watch the video below to see one of the reasons Neymar is so amazing.

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Black Friday Contest Winner

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our Black Friday contest and helped make it a success!

A special congratulations to Shaun Johnson, the winner of a 1-year subscription to Soccer Tech’s Player Portal! We hope you enjoy improving your game over the next year with our drills and practices!

Keep up with Soccer Tech on Facebook for more ways to enter and win your own subscription to the Player’s Portal! Can’t wait? Sign up for your own 14-day free trial right now here.
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Justen Glad for Soccer Tech

Professional soccer player, Justen Glad, trains with Soccer Tech. By utilizing the Soccer Tech system, Justen can work on his passing, shooting, ball control, dribbling skills, and technique.

View the video to see Justen and his brother Eric perform just a small sample of the workouts you can find on the Soccer Tech player training platform.

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The best soccer vines. Funny plays and amazing footwork.

Youtube user iGabrNation put together this great compilation of soccer vines. Some vines will make you laugh while others will leave you in awe at the skill these players possess. Click play, sick back, and relax for 10 minutes while you watch.

Could your skills improve? Check out the link below the video to check out our free 14-day trial to Soccer Tech’s Player Development platform.

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What do you think? Brazil coach claims Neymar is better than Messi and Ronaldo.

Neymar, Messi, and Ronaldo are arguably 3 of the best players in the world. However, this is a bold claim by Brazil national team head coach Dunga. Could it be that the era of Messi and Ronaldo is coming to an end and the time of Neymar is at hand?

Agree or disagree. What are your thoughts?

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