Salute to Youth Soccer Coaches!

I want to send out a big thanks to all of the volunteer youth soccer coaches out there. Volunteering as a recreation soccer coach can be tough. Trying to maintain scheduling, locations, transportation, and organization of the team is hard enough. Then there are the (sometimes overenthusiastic) parents who can make games and practices even tougher. Not to mention some of those questionable calls from the refs that can leave coaches and players feeling deflated and frustrated.

Once they get passed that, coaches are responsible for figuring out what activities are appropriate for their team while managing risks, having a plan for medical emergencies, and making sure to have all the proper equipment. After all of that, coaches have to find a way to keep the game fun and engaging for their team.

Coaches have a real impact on players, parents, and communities. They are mentors, friends, tacticians, and leaders. Most of all, youth soccer wouldn’t exist without them. So thank you for everything you do and keep up the good work! SoccerTech will be here to help.

Rob Karas
USSF A | NSCAA International Premier | US Goalkeeping License

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