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If the soccer player in your family is ready to dedicate themselves to reaching their soccer dreams, SoccerTech’s Players Portal is the resource that will get them there. We’ve helped hundreds of players achieve their goals from getting a college scholarship to becoming a pro player. Start getting the attention of coaches and scouts now. Train with SoccerTech.

UYSA Director of Coaching Eric Landon said, “I think SoccerTech is a great opportunity for both players and coaches. It allows an avenue for players to receive training on their own and continue to improve. The coaching side of the program is tremendous as well, SoccerTech provides the opportunity for our coaches to add to their own training sessions. The two sides working hand in hand are going to be fantastic for the players, coaches, and soccer in the state of Utah.”

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What is SoccerTech?

  • Soccer Training Drills
    • Footwork
    • Dribbling
    • Passing
    • Receiving
    • Shooting
  • Access to the best soccer training videos
  • Tips and tricks from pros
  • Take it with you wherever you train
  • Improve your soccer skills!

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